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Piloto Elétrico

Electric Pilot

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The most precise solution for your agricultural machinery

Through our cutting-edge technology, we guarantee an operation that combines safety and efficiency in an exceptional way.

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Discover the main features of Autopilot

10-inch screen, high brightness, robust and durable.

Receiver degree of protection: IP67

Operating temperature: -40C + 85C

Constellations: GPS / BDS / Galileo / SBAS / QZSS

Bands: Dual frequency L1 and L2

Compatible with RTK base

Benefits that are in your hands.

The Electric Pilot system makes growing safer and more convenient, allowing hands-free piloting and eliminating hassle. This reduces fatigue, enabling you to focus on tasks essential to farm safety.

Simple installation

Precisão de +/- 2.5cm

Terrain compensation

Back camera

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Greater security

With automatic steering and route correction, the Electric Pilot improves safety when using agricultural equipment.

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The Electric Pilot system makes it possible to complete field operations quickly and highly efficiently.

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Improved accuracy

The Electric Pilot makes a precise correction of the vehicle's route, avoiding waste.

The new automated driving

Greater precision and peace of mind.

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Electric autopilot for easy installation on various models and types of agricultural machines (Tractors, Sprayers and harvesters).

Working mode

It works in the main guide modes, straight and curved, to adapt to the user's operating mode and allow for better work performance and avoid waste and crushing.


It has a simple and intuitive operation and interface to create and return to work. Pilot configuration and calibration are also very simple and show the operator step by step what must be done to calibrate the system.

Have a machine


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10 inch screen

High gloss, robust and durable.

Electric steering wheel

Easy installation on different models and types of steering column.

Magnetic wheel sensor

Facilitates installation and eliminates the need to mount mechanical systems on the tractor wheel, avoiding constant maintenance, adjustments and recalibration.

Correction sensor

The terrain correction sensor allows operation in different terrain conditions and slopes, improving performance on contour lines and ensuring accuracy.

Enjoy and take it too


A revolution in spraying

The most versatile GPS ready for the future.

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Many opportunities for your farming.

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