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Technology at the service of agro.

Being Pro Solus means knowing that innovation and results are the same.

Living Agro is Living Tech.

Building solutions that transform the agribusiness

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Furrow sprayers

Imagem elemento do segmento Monitores de plantio


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GPS and controllers

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Boom sprayers


The strength of a Mammoth by your side, all the time.

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The best seed flow monitoring.

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The leading model on the market.

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Bisão 400

Direct application in the planting furrow.

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Bisão 800

Strong enough to withstand the adversities of the field.

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The future of Brazilian agriculture is done today.

A GPS that ensures flexibility and agility at work.

The news, see what just arrived.


Protect your crop

Avoid spray failures.

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Your new guide

The most versatile and future-proof GPS.

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Piatan - Livestock sprayer


Apply in different types of pastures and difficult access regions.

Imagem do equipamento mamute

Indispensable products for you.


The leading model on the market

Monitor your planting with simplicity, technology and reliability.

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Applying liquids in a smarter way.

Control your application rate precisely

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Complete and powerful at your fingertips

Monitor seed flow.

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Help is here! Use when and how you need it.

Many opportunities for your farming.

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Meet Pro Solus.

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