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Since 2003

Proactivity is what guarantees overcoming the daily challenge, whether in our factory or in the field. It is what makes us always go forward with the excellence of our way of being.


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Since 2003

The History of the Mp 3200

The MP 3200 monitor was revolutionary back in 2003. It was born as a 100% national alternative and fully adapted to the Brazilian operator.

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Understanding the producers needs

With the aim of offering simplicity, efficiency and the best cost/benefit on the market, we developed the mPOP monitor. Undoubtedly a sales success.

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Beginning of partnerships

Seeking growth, we developed our distribution channels. Our strategies allowed us to connect with large cooperatives and resellers throughout Brazil.

imagem do produto mpop em 2008


Continuous improvement

We added new features and restyled mPOP.

imagem da feira em que a Pro solus participou em 2011


National expansion

After establishing relevant partnerships, we became a company with a nationwide presence and gained leadership in planting monitors.

imagem do produto mpx em 2010


One more release

We launched MPX, a planting monitor capable of measuring total and partial planted area.

imagem da feira em que a Pro solus participou em 2011


The first big fair

A big leap forward for Pro Solus. We participated in our first major fair, the Rural Show! This participation strengthened our brand and our relevance in agribusiness.

imagem do produto psx em 2012


Launch of psx

We launched the most complete monitor on the market, sales leader in its segment, capable of counting seeds per meter, planting speed, hectarimeter and hour meter.

imagem da atualização do mpx em 2014


Constant innovation

We've modernized the PSX and MPX design by adding important features.

imagem representativa da expansão da empresa no mercado nacional em 2016


A new product line

We entered the Furrow Spraying market, further expanding our leadership in the planting segment.

imagem do produto psx em 2019


Best cost/benefit

We launched a display to make sprayers more intelligent, Chameleon and PSX came to revolutionize.

imagem do produto Dux em 2020


New milestone in our product range

Launched the DUX 10 GPS and with it the mammoth family of furrow sprayers.

logo da gef empresa que investiu na Pro solus em 2021


We received support from Gef

GEF, a Private Equity manager that invests in ESG-oriented businesses, arrived to join efforts, providing acceleration to our expansion plans.

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From handling to spraying

The DUX 10 has arrived to provide productivity with sustainability. Using innovative technology that aggregates many functionalities in a single screen, allowing agility in the operation and economy of products.

Be a means for the sustainable transformation of global agribusiness.

Constant movement

We are restless by nature. We create and apply technology in everything we do.

Extraordinary people

Our team is our greatest asset. We believe in the same dreams and we are passionate about what we do. With an enthusiastic attitude, we make it happen.


We value and develop our team and positively impact society, with ethics and responsibility.

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We take the agribusiness of the future beyond the gates.

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Ethical relationship channel

This is a secure and independent portal for recording information on violations of ethical conduct or non-compliance with legislation.

Pro Solus thanks you for your initiative and trust.

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