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ISOBUS Fixed Rate Controller

A solution designed to centralize all information in one place.

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Versatile and adaptable

Compatible with tractors from different manufacturers.

The only system that works in parallel with another ISOBUS planting controller on your planter.

Discover the main features of the ISOBUS Fixed Rate Controller


Compatible with the main ISOBUS Universal Terminals.


Control up to 3 spray sections.


Compatible with the main section valves on the market.

Optimize your operation

visualize data and integrate our system with your tractor or planter.

Improved efficiency

Precision in control

Real-time monitoring


Simplified integration

Ease of use

Reduza o desperdício de insumos

Learn more about the ISOBUS Fixed Rate Controller and simplify your operations!

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Enjoy and take it too


A revolution in spraying

The most versatile GPS ready for the future.

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Help is here! Use when and how you need it.

Many opportunities for your farming.

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Meet Pro Solus.

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