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A complete machine for your farm.

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Ease of use

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Greater efficiency

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The best value for money on the market

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Arabutan 2000

imagem do produto mamute

Arabutan 2500

Detailed Arabutan for you!

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  • Roto-molded tank 2000l or 2500l
  • Clean water 200l
  • Syrup mixer
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Spray pump

  • Maximum Flow 100 l/min or 150 l/min
  • 4 Pistons
  • Maximum rotation of 540 RPM
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Spray command

  • Electric: 4 and 7 sections
  • Electronic: 5 sections
  • GPS
  • Automatic spray control
  • Automatic section cutting
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Spray bars

  • Hydraulic, with electric drive
  • 21 meter bar width
  • 50cm spacing between nozzles
  • ramal
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Other information

  • Double syrup stirring
  • Agitation pressure regulation
  • Trijet nozzle holder
  • Manual gauge adjustment (min: 1.64m; Max: 2.23m
  • 36 inch wheels
  • Free span: 600 mm
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In addition to all these specifications, Arabutan also has a great environmental impact positive.

Reduction in the use of inputs and fertilizers

Significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions

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An exclusive option


A revolution in spraying

Smart equipment

To know
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