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Driving the sustainable transformation of global agribusiness.

ESG manifesto

The Pro Solus 2023/2024 ESG Manifesto was created based on the company's purpose and values, together with the results of the Materiality Matrix and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs established by the UN. The Manifesto presents goals and indicators for the next two years, in addition to establishing action plans for each identified theme.

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Imagem ilustrativa pdf download arquivo sustentabilidade

Sustainability Report 2022

Through this report, we reaffirm our socio-environmental commitments and our conscious and responsible ESG Agenda.

Transparency and Salary Equality Report

The pursuit of gender equality in the workplace is an essential commitment to fostering a fairer and more inclusive society. In this transparency and salary equality report, we emphasize the importance of assessing and addressing gender pay disparities, acknowledging the progress made, and identifying areas for ongoing improvement.

imagem do manifesto ESG

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