MaxView Camera System

The MaxView is a system of cameras for tractor, trucks, or any other agricultural implement.
The cameras must be installed at crucial parts of your machine, points that can’t be seen by the operator inside the cabin.
Can be used to monitor the gears and pulleys operation, identifying damages, the beginning of a fire, or simply to support on maneuvers of big machines.
This system uses a camera system with IP67, in other words, Water and Dust Resistance. The cameras are made of cast aluminum, in order to prevent rust. They are also compact to be easy handle and installed at strategical points.


– Colorful LCD Monitors with 7’’;
– Touch-screen;
– Expansible to 4 Cameras;
– infra-red vision to nighttime use;
– The Pro Solus monitoring cameras have compatibility with Trimble CFX750 (for 2 cameras) and John-Deere Green Star GS3(for 3 cameras).